Welcome to HBN

Welcome to Hatchback Nation!

Hello hatchback enthusiasts – and to all car fans, for that matter!  It has been my very intention to start this journey of a blog/website for a long time.  To unite, share, and explore with other individuals that intentionally drive hatchback vehicles.   I have specifically driven an HB for years now.  I’m only on my second, but I know it won’t be my last; meet Valerie (Yes, I name my cars =P ).



While I am by no means a writer (I barely got through English Comp. in college), I do enjoy to scribble my thoughts on occasion.  I bought my first hatchback in early 2012, an ’04 Mazda 3S, with the 2.3L.  I had researched them minimally, I knew a little about the engine; as I had owned a Mazda 626 with the 2.5L. I did a bit of work on that engine with my brother, and the 2.5L and the 2.3L are essentially the same engine.  So – I found the ’04 used on Craigslist; they apparently did some reiteration from 05-07, before the second generation (08-09) came along – and so on.  Somehow, through all the random forums I had read up on, I decided I needed a “first-first” gen’.  Thus, Melanie.WP_20140816_006_LI.jpg

Under Renovation

She’s not the prettiest, I plan to sand out the minor rust over the front half, of the rear passenger wheel well.  I paid off the lien last year, and not but a couple of months later, I hydro-locked the engine.  Yeah, I felt pretty stupid for not just waiting out the rain storm.  I had done minor modifications, a cheap coil-over kit, a Weapon-R cold air intake with ram air attachment (I love the sound of that intake).  Unfortunately, the ram air is what caused my engine to sip on the 10 inches of water I attempted to drive through, like a straw.

I’ve since pulled the motor, but have yet to purchase another.  Hopefully this blog and new-found friends and fans of the culture – will inspire me further –  to get that done, and soon.  I intend to add some other aftermarket parts during that process.  Corksport.com has a few items I really want, particularly their cat-back exhaust kit.  At some point I need a new suspension on it.  The kit on Mel’ now – was great for the first year or so – but, I drive hard in the corners, and abused them.  So now they’re worn.  I will research suspension, when I have the other parts…and the engine; all recommendations are certainly appreciated.

So I welcome all enthusiasts to share.  Your experiences, your ride, and why you do it.  These are just the two I get to play with, but I love them all.  The Volvo has certainly been a learning experience.  Learning a new motor is one thing, but a T5?!  Incredible engineering.  Yeah – she’s a beaut’ –cropped

Still makes me smile when I spot her across a parking lot, like this picture I took the other week – just to capture the feeling of that smile – and I know it won’t be my last.

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