About the Driver

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I grew up in a small town.  I started working in construction as soon I was legally able. It took me several years, but I worked my way from being a labor – to a respected carpenter.  Eventually I wanted to advance my ability even further.  After many more years; I recently acquired an associate degree, and hope continue my education in the architectural realm.  I enjoy all aspects of design and engineering.  The Automotive industry is similar to my industry in a lot of regards; thoughtful design forged with meticulous engineering of safety concerns, practicality, efficiency, the list goes on.  I have been a fan of hatchbacks in particular since my teenage years.  I feel they are a practical and efficient choice of vehicle, in place of the commonly driven SUV.  In years past, the choice for an SUV was more acceptable, and still makes sense for a lot of families; the option for 4-wheel drive is fundamental in some parts of the nation.  However, for those who are single, just married, or even smaller families – the technology and variety available in hatchback cars makes them a very smart choice.  Many offering All-wheel drive options.  They’re typically more affordable.  Both fuel-efficient, and fun.  The hatchback is my choice in coupe/sports car.  Hi, I’m Taylor, I drive a 2008 Volvo C30.

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